Sunday, July 28, 2013

The C Family

A few drops of rain fell as we arrived to the park, but fortunately for me, I said my prayers today (and went to church this morning) and it all blew away! (Amen!)~ Definitely something to be said for karma!

This little lady is turning four on Tuesday, so I thought I'd bring some balloons for her and her adorable little brother, so they'd have a little extra fun at Roseland!

She serenaded me for quite awhile in my favorite new rendition of "finale".  She's got moves like my Rowan and we hit it off quite well. (If you ever need a break Maren- Wilkinson street has "moves like Jagger" and I'll borrow her any day!)

Totally in love with this little family, and so enjoyed our time together tonight!
Enjoy your sneak peek!

Belting it out at the top of her lungs!

I love that you know what parents listen to for music based on the songs that the kids learn to sing!
(This kid has my taste in music too!- great job mom & dad- I approve!)

Adorable- I had to include!

Priceless smile!  It literally melted my heart!

Totally not enough of these moments once the kids come along!

 Hope you enjoyed them!

Wedding Post Session: Kyle & Coco

I'm feeling extra fortunate that I was able to spend some extended time with Kyle and Coco after their wedding last weekend and before they head back to China this week!

It was wonderful getting to know Coco better, and catching up with one of my favorite people!

I found myself longing at how in love this young couple was- and what a breathtakingly beautiful couple they are.

Thanks for sharing yesterday's gorgeous morning with me!

Enjoy your sneak peek and safe travels back to the East!


Ah Kyle, this is so you!

Ahhhhh, gasp, weep, smile... love this one!

I'm not sure what I love more about this photograph, Kyle's smile, their natural giggle, or the dragon fly in the top right corner that looks like a helicopter! (God I love my new camera!)
Kyle- Sorry (no one likes to hear this) but you are the spitting image of your dad here. 

Stunning right?