Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Little Ava!

Had a few minutes last weekend with my niece Ava!  What a smart little cutie pants!
Enjoy the pics from a quick session in the attic!

Josh & Angela

Just for one day, the sun came out and the warmth kissed our skin.
For just one day, we were able to go outside without being bundled up!
The warmth of the day warmed our souls,
but the love in the room as Josh and Angela united in marriage
warmed our hearts. 

A nine year romance in the making, it was wonderful to watch these two
vow to spend the rest of their lives together.
Having known Angela since she was just 3 years old,
It was hard to believe that she is all grown up!  

(I used to work for her Mom and Dad at their Photolab when I was only 17!
(for you mathematicians- that was 20 years ago)

This photo adorns my collage wall above the very desk I sit at now.
They'll always be these little girls in my heart.
It was an honor to have been chosen to document this very special day in your lives
and I hope that this sneak peek is a good representation of the fun we all had last night!

Enjoy! And come back around the middle of May to see the rest of Josh and Angela's wedding collection!

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