Sunday, July 28, 2013

Alysia & Evan


Your cheeks will hurt when you are done viewing the images from this blog.

Your teeth and lips may also hurt by the time you are looking through these images.

It is not the responsibility of the photographer, Lindsay Lehmann, of Lindsay Shaw Photography, if your smile is permanently on your face for hours after viewing the images from her Sunday "Morning" blog.

If you begin giggling at inappropriate times after viewing the images on this blog, Lindsay Lehmann of Lindsay Shaw Photography, is not liable for any glaring looks you may receive from people around you.

It is clear in viewing these images, that Alysia and Evan along with their friends and family, had NO FUN while at their event last night at the Mansion, and so if you are disappointed by not seeing any smiles or laughs, it is not in fault to the work that Lindsay Lehmann completed. (insert sarcasim here)

(Quite certain this says it all) Thanks for all laughs (both last night and today!)

Enjoy your sneak peek and come back around the end of September to see the rest of Alysia and Evan's collection!

First look- priceless :)

Alysia's not excited at all is she?

Oh, Glimpse of Gaia, how you make my photos beautiful!

See, totally had NO fun, all day!

Totally, NOT enjoying each others company!


I could hold these flowers all day, if someone let me.

Are we having fun yet?

Totally not having any fun!!!

That was a tricky dance move!!!

"Call me Maybe!"



Cross Fit

Smiles through the last few moments.  
I so enjoyed being a part of your special day Alysia and Evan. 
Thank you for having me. 
I hope your teeth and cheeks and lips hurt as much as mine from looking through these images.



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