Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alissa & Brian

Last night I had the honor of working with this amazingly happy couple on their very special day!
How could you not be happy when you're surrounded with amazing friends and family like they had at Wrights Mill Tree Farm in Canterbury!

When we left Putnam it still felt and looked like summer, but by the time we arrived in Canterbury, the leaves had changed to yellow, and the temperature felt like a crisp autumn day!

As a photographer, you can't buy light like we had yesterday!
Amazing filtered light, through beautiful yellow leaves!
What a lucky couple (and a lucky photographer!)

Thank you all for being so amazing!  You made my job easy!
It was a blast, thanks for having me!
Enjoy the sneak peek! (my first glance favorites from their collection.)
Come back for more around Thanksgiving!

Hey Brian, whatcha doin' to Grammy? We know you love her, but be gentle!

 "Hands Off!"

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  1. Lindsay! These photos are Awesome! We loved being able to look at them together at a post wedding tailgate at the Bates. We all agreed you were a great photographer to have for a wedding shoot. I wish you all the best! - Caroline Lawson