Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jessica & Oren

The Sunday Morning Blog back in full swing, just in time for some spring weather!  What a beautiful day it was in Newport yesterday!  Having known Jess most of my life, it was wonderful getting to know Oren and his amazing family!  

What a special day they had surrounded by all those who love them and know them best.  I enjoyed spending the day getting to know you all!  

Thousands of photos later, I've landed at my computer trying to choose my favorites!  It's a hard choice,  they all show your happiness, love and joy for one another and your friends and family!  You made my job so easy!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek I've put together for you.  

Come back in May to see the rest of the collection!

Getting ready for the big moment!

The First Look

Jess & Oren


Our Family

Our Wedding Ceremony

Let's Party!

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