Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jon & Krista

Totally in love with this new family!
(of course it helps when this family is your family!)
~ So, Krista, Emma & Josh- welcome to our family!

It was an honor to have captured your day for you!
There could have been no better way for you to share your love for one another
then the super chill, very loving, special and personal 
backyard celebration! 

I hope you enjoy reminiscing as you browse the sneak peek!
Enjoy and congratulations!

My GQ cuz.

Two peas in a pod

I love when the groom surprises the bride!

An easy recovery!!! (that's an inside joke)

Strong genetics here!

(Didn't take these two pics on purpose- their similarities just popped up this am!)

Adorable little family!

(my mom and dad are so cute- right?)

(my mom took this pic, with a 2.8, 200mm lens- in low light- she did well!  right?)

(they've been waiting a lifetime to become brothers- it's finally happened! 
Sorry Krista, but I think you've been used!) 

Come back in a couple weeks to see the rest of the collection!